Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Chasing Sea-Foam Dreams


I Lie



I've lost it all

I like Tom Waits, because he makes me feel smart

I can't ride a bike, why? because i tried i wasn't good at it so i stopped

I Stole the cookies from the cookie jar.

Your Band sucks, no matter how many times I say "good shit" to you

I can't Swim or Drive, because it takes too much effort to learn these things.

I walk everywhere, not because i can but because I have too, but don't get me wrong, I love that

Yeah, I wrote a story, it was 30 pages, it sucks.

I get're ugly...leave me alone

I'm sorry i fucked you over so badly, but that was me then and i don't think you'll ever know me now

I watched you dance today...I cried

I'm sorry...I fucked you up

What the fuck is wrong with you?

I can't remember ever cheating on a test

Yeah, Leave me alone is good, but fuck michael Jackson. R.I.P Vic Chestnutt

I have never heard a song by Vic Chestnutt, but if Ted Leo likes him, he deserves to be heard

I miss Channel Zero more than anything on this planet

I can't stand myself sometimes

Please pick a fucking or hate.

Your all terrible people...but i love you all...fuck me.

I sleep with a teddy bear...that bear says "Hey Roy, I love you so much" and i love that bear and person so much more.

I want to get into a fight...wrestle me?

I love professional Wrestling, it's art, its physical art, so fuck what ya heard, act like you know.

I weigh 128 pounds and am 6'1

I fell down my stairs in october and my arm still fucking hurts.

I will never forget your legs crossed in mine after school on your couch.

I want a fucking life

I have only read 3 books in my entire life cover to cover, by my own choice

My favorite book, i never finished.

I really want to start reading.

I'm really good at sounding hip and cool, but I'll never actually know if I am or if i'll ever feel that way.

You motherfuckers, took 2 years of intelligence from me, but made me the person I am today, physically atleast.

I miss you, You were the first person who ever believed in me and I told you I'd see you more and I haven't kept those promises, I could be so much better

I never know what I want, I'm sorry you have to deal with me.

I fucking hate you, you don't belong where you are, in any part of your life. I'll see you soon.

I stand infront of a stand up lamp and play air guitar pretending I'm Ted Leo, speaking of that...

I LOVE TED LEO, I would give up my world to go on tour with him, to be near him, to just listen to him speak, to mimic him, to find out what makes that man tick.

I never played little league, softball rules.

I love Major league baseball, so very much

Yeah, I fucking love Vinyl's, but they sound different, yeah i love tight pants, but my legs are so skinny i have no choice, yeah i want glasses, and i ruin my eyes to get them, you don't fucking know me, and you never will, so just keep moving on.

I'll make a movie, thats better than anything you'll ever do, if it kills me

I hate my brother just as much as I love him.

I love myself and my life, but everything still needs alot more work. and it wasn't until today that I realized maybeee....this is true.

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