Saturday, January 9, 2010


For Day.

Even though, you are far away...
I can still taste the scent of your perfume on my lips,
and smell the way your hands moved down my down my body.

Even though, you are far away...
Your pants are right where you left them,
locked away safely, in my pants drawer
Hidden, Secretly and discreetly like a door in the floor
That leads to a land where cats bite our little toes at 7am
Wondering if this moment ever has to end

Where laughter and tears feel the same way,
where we fly like superman and laughed harder than you ever thought you could...
At a lightning storm.
And our love making is louder than thunder claps.
Dripping beads of sweat for the world to collapse
Beneath one could even reach us.

Even though, you are far away...
I can still hear you breathe,
It's that noise at night, that helps me sleep
Even though, you are far way
I still laugh at the faces you make
and that time i farted...and you screamed

Even though, you are far away...
I still won't write you a letter
but if I did it would say
Dear You,
Even though, you are far away...
I can't forget that time
You know?
When You (beautiful faced, tan skinned, and classic navy shorts)
And Me (Wearing the last clash shirt I ever bought and brown jeans)
made sweet love on that couch until "HOLY FUCK! A BAT!"
I screamed that....
digging my face into your warm loving body
I want to take that moment and bottle it, and stick behind that door in the floor...
Along, with superman, that cat, thunder, lightning, Prom and that terrible tuxedo i wore.
But most importantly will be me, standing alone without a phone diagnosed with Swag Flu
Holding just a sign that says...

Hey, Cubby.

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